About Radial

The Radial Story

Radial’s been around since 2003. And since Day 1, our focus has been on helping you find the best wellness business growth strategies and wellness marketing techniques to grow your health and wellness businesses, whether you’re a solo practitioner or a brand most of us would instantly recognize.

We might work with a small health coaching practice at 9 a.m., jump on a conference call with a growing corporate wellness provider after lunch, and talk strategy for a well-known healthcare provider before the day ends.  It’s never boring!

Our goal is to provide the services that clients need to make their business plans a reality. One client might need help putting together a marketing plan that their in-house team can implement. Another might want us to everything needed to launch a new program or product. Yet another might want help crafting a high-stakes sales proposal for a corporate wellness client, or re-branding their health club chain.

Yes, wellness is different.

The typical practices of other industries – cut corners on service, hire cheap labor, and pressure prospective customers – don’t work in health and wellness. (More about how wellness is different, here.)

After all, decisions about individual wellbeing are among the most personal choices consumers make. So we’re all about finding smart ways to use big business knowhow – adapted specifically for health and wellness businesses of every size.

We started out, over ten years ago, with a list of four values that really mattered to us. That list hasn’t changed a bit:

  • Ethical – Your ideas stay your ideas. Our discussions remain confidential. If we have a financial relationship with a vendor we recommend, we tell you.
  • Objective – We share your excitement and energy. But we’re not “yes men.” If we think your business is heading in the wrong direction, we say so.
  • Realistic – No silver bullets, surprises or gotchas – just realistic ideas and plans, clearly communicated.
  • Committed – we support everyone trying to make a healthier world, regardless of their financial resources, through our Acorn Award and other free resources.

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Leslie Nolen, Radial president, and Don Muchow, Radial content and media director