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Corporate Wellness Lead Generation and Prospecting: The Five Building Blocks

We get many calls from corporate wellness businesses looking for sales, marketing and lead generation help.

RAND: Does Corporate Wellness Save Money or Not?

Employee wellness providers: better get the jump on questions about this RAND workplace wellness report.

Creating a Healthy Workplace – Resources for Employee Wellness Providers

“Healthy workplace” means something different to everyone. This tool brings it all together.

Michael Olajide: King of His Fitness Niche

Want to know how to attract a specific type of client? You have to prove through specific actions and words that you really, REALLY “get” what they need. You can’t just blather on about “be your best self” or “balanced nutrition.”

Try This: Brag On Your Wellness Business Like Warby Parker

Brag on your wellness business like Warby Parker! It’s a great way to keep clients in the inner circle about what’s going on.

Try This: Host A Documentary or Movie Screening

We’ve shared opportunities in the past for wellness businesses to host free viewings of high-profile documentaries like this one and this one. Some of you wanted more examples of how to extend these invitations so that you can use these events to attract like-minded potential clients.  

Corporate Wellness ROI: Bulletproofing Your Deal’s Return on Wellness

Four different clients have called me to talk about how best to present corporate wellness ROI for the employee wellness programs they sell. Since it seems to be the season of wellness ROI, I’ve excerpted some key points from the ROI chapter in our upcoming book “The Step-by-Step Guide to Corporate Wellness Proposals That Close [...]

Goin’ To The Chapel: How To Sell Corporate Wellness Programs To Employers

Marketing corporate wellness requires consultative selling strategies. You don’t marry someone after the first date – and employers don’t buy wellness programs after the first conversation.