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American Diet Report Card: Still Lots of Room for Improvement

CSPI’s American Diet Report Card – Mediterraneans will love their take, Paleos will be conflicted.

The Sedentary Side of NFL Logos

Fat NFL logos probably won’t increase obesity awareness but hey, top marks for creativity.

New Obesity and Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines Plus Flawed Risk Calculator?

Cartoons, already? Not a good sign for the new cholesterol and obesity treatment guidelines!

(Too) Many Herbal Supplements Are Only Filled With Fillers

Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, which means the manufacturers are essentially on the honor system. But most folks don’t give this much thought when they’re scanning the shelves at the corner drug store. By and large, most people DO trust their local drug store and assume products sold there are “legit”. But a new [...]

Thrive Ice Cream Actually Gives Cash To Dietitians. Wow.

Unbelievable – not least of all, because licensed healthcare professionals who engage in a literal vendor-provided cash grab cross an ethical line in my book. This profession is its own worst enemy a lot of the time. It’s a shame, because the great RDs out there have to live down this malarkey.

Free Tools from KC Healthy Kids

If your wellness, fitness, or health business offers any programming for children, boy is THIS is a find.

How Chipotle vs Industrial Food Production Is Marketing Genius

This ad has it all: top-notch creativity, a celebrity soundtrack and a powerful dramatization that forces viewers to confront where their food comes from (along with a few tugs on the heartstrings). Or…is something more cynical going on?

Food Quiz: Which Item Has the Most Calories?

Compare these side-by-side foods – can you tell which one has the most calories?

Does Menu Labeling Work?

Providing nutrition info on menus is fairly new–and menu labeling research is starting to roll in.

Modern Produce: Farmed for Color, Texture, Taste, Not Nutrition

“Modern” fruits and veggies – almost unrecognizable from their historical versions! Read on…