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Does Exercise Truly Offset Sitting?

Do daily intense cardio sessions offset a day’s worth of sitting at a desk?

Fitness Without Gyms, Health Clubs or Fitness Centers…Hmmmm

Food for thought: If the November Project showed up in your city, would it help or hurt your wellness business?

Did ASICS’ Trojan Horse Gym Get The Epic Results Expected?

This is a fun idea and some not not-so-timid folks got a free pair of shoes out of the deal, but do you think this is an effective PR campaign for ASICS?

Free Tools from KC Healthy Kids

If your wellness, fitness, or health business offers any programming for children, boy is THIS is a find.

Try This: Make A Workout Vid From The User’s Perspective

This is a fun and fairly simple way to show folks what it’s like to do the workouts YOUR studio offers. 

Frequent Flyer Miles by the Calorie

I like how the folks at BalticMiles are thinking.

Wanna be an Under Armour Intern?


Fitness Trackers – Are They All Created Equal?

People like activity trackers because they reward you by providing quantifiable feedback that you’re being healthy and fit. Hey, it can be motivating to find out you walked over 10,000 steps since you got out of bed. And they make it easy to set exact goals.

ASICS Training Ad Uses Good Music and Olympic Athletes

It’s tough to watch this clip on the couch. It’s not the guilt factor, it’s actually difficult to sit still while this tune is playing!  The pushup-handstands at the 40-second mark look fun, too.

Try This: Virtual Destinations for Fitness Fun

Moon Joggers demonstrates a delightful way to combine social media and your wildest travel fantasy to motivate clients to get more exercise.