When Less Is More: Make Each Click Count on Your Wellness Website

When new prospects visit your wellness website, do they see content and links purposed to help them take action?

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Marketing: The Five Best Email Promos For Wellness Businesses

Ribbon Xmas Tree

These five essential holiday marketing emails boost revenue for health clubs, wellness centers, and other health and wellness businesses by inspiring purchases across the entire spectrum of gift-giving possibilities.

They’re listed in the order that we recommend you send them:

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How To Use News Headlines To Market Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

news flash

The trick to marketing with news stories is to put a spin on the headline that ties it into your fitness, wellness or healthy lifestyle program.

Too  many blog posts and email newsletters simply regurgitate a fitness, nutrition or health headline or news story. I know exactly how it happens. Your marketing team’s in a hurry. (And to be honest, they don’t really understand what content marketing’s all about, either.) Their focus is mostly on getting SOMETHING done and checked-off because next month is always right around the corner. [Read more...]