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The Sedentary Side of NFL Logos

Fat NFL logos probably won’t increase obesity awareness but hey, top marks for creativity.

Free Tools from KC Healthy Kids

If your wellness, fitness, or health business offers any programming for children, boy is THIS is a find.

Does Menu Labeling Work?

Providing nutrition info on menus is fairly new–and menu labeling research is starting to roll in.

Answers to: Why Are We Getting Fatter?

Here’s the answers to our nutrition quiz. If you missed the quiz and want to take it first, go here. 

Quiz: Why Are We Getting Fatter?

Quiz: how have food habits changed in the last forty years? Find out if your preconceptions are right…or wrong!

What Will Your Last Ten Years Look Like?

Have you seen this? Obviously not all age-related health problems are due to lifestyle, but still…

Calling Her Bluff: Ridiculous Barbie

Okay, we already know about her unrealistically small waistline and too-long neck, but this new infographic underscores just how preposterous her proportions are.

Healthy Checkout Makes Healthy Choices Easier

Here’s a creative way to nudge habits towards a healthier lifestyle – a few select Walmarts in West Virginia worked with the local health department to swap the usual junk food display at the register for healthier fare.

New AACE Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Flowchart

Type 2 diabetes, like many health conditions, can’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all solution. Numerous factors inform which therapies and treatments will be most effective for the individual.

Ryan Lochte and Nissan: Office Burn

Clients give up on healthy lifestyle changes for lots of reasons. Yet you can spot “drop out predictors” as early as your first conversation with a potential client.