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Try This: Think Like A Grocery Store

Service, quality, price. You’ve got to be good at two, and best at the other one. 

Try This: Educate Your Nutrition-, Lifestyle-Change Clients By Singing To Them

Quick–what song is playing in your head right now? Do you know all (or most) of the words? What does this have to do with your health/wellness/nutrition business?

Try This: Make A Workout Vid From The User’s Perspective

This is a fun and fairly simple way to show folks what it’s like to do the workouts YOUR studio offers. 

Try This: Create A Social Review Page for Your Wellness, Fitness, Yoga Business

Take a page from Just Mowing’s book and add a social review page to your website.

Try This: Virtual Destinations for Fitness Fun

Moon Joggers demonstrates a delightful way to combine social media and your wildest travel fantasy to motivate clients to get more exercise.

Try This: Create A Fundraiser That Helps Your Community

Every community has a need and your wellness or fitness business can help, whether it’s charitable fundraising, helping a family who’s experienced loss, or pitching in to get a town like West, TX or Monroe, OK through hard times.

Try This: Superhero PR You Can’t Buy

Think anyone would notice if your dietitians or personal trainers dressed up like superheroes? Check it out.

Try This: Let Your Fitness and Wellness Competitors Make You Look Good

You offer extraordinary wellness services, right? You’ve got unique fitness and healthy living programs that your competitors can’t touch. Hey, that’s great. Now, prove it.

Try This: Barbell Pricing For Health Clubs, Yoga Studios, Weight Loss Businesses

Barbell pricing’s one answer when your wellness business has some customers who care a LOT about price –  and others who don’t worry about price at all.

Try This: Brag On Your Wellness Business Like Warby Parker

Brag on your wellness business like Warby Parker! It’s a great way to keep clients in the inner circle about what’s going on.