Is Social Media the WikiLeaks of Your Fitness or Wellness Business?

Wikileaks - Assange

What happens when a social media “brushfire” harms your fitness or wellness brand, sales, and Google rank?

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Marketing Your Wellness Business With Health Observances

awareness ribbons - multi

These thirteen tips tell you how to market your wellness business and increase its visibility in your community by capitalizing on hundreds of official health observances like Thyroid Awareness Month, Recess at Work Day, and others. [Read more...]

What Does It Mean When Your Wellness Customer Says…?

Everyone says they never lose customers.

Then they add, “Well, only when they don’t have time or can’t afford our programs.”

Listen, if your wellness business is hitting home runs with your customers, they will FIND the time and they will FIND the money, nine times out of ten.

Very few people who buy wellness programs and services suddenly lose the ability to make any discretionary purchases at all.

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