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When Less Is More: Make Each Click Count on Your Wellness Website

When new prospects visit your wellness website, do they see content and links purposed to help them take action?

The Most Popular Social Media Network – By Far

Social media is where email was 10 years ago: a Wild West of shouty ads, “cute” pictures, and too-good-to-be-true sales pitches.

Six Email Marketing Trends Wellness Businesses Should Know About

Here’s how fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyles businesses can capitalize on 2014′s email marketing trends:

Ho-Ho-Holiday Marketing: The Five Best Email Promos For Wellness Businesses

These five essential holiday marketing emails boost revenue for health clubs, wellness centers, and other health and wellness businesses by inspiring purchases across the entire spectrum of gift-giving possibilities. They’re listed in the order that we recommend you send them:

How To Use News Headlines To Market Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

The trick to marketing with news stories is to put a spin on the headline that ties it into your fitness, wellness or healthy lifestyle program. Too  many blog posts and email newsletters simply regurgitate a fitness, nutrition or health headline or news story. I know exactly how it happens. Your marketing team’s in a [...]

How To Fix Five Kinds of Wellness Business Invisibility – Tips for Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Is your fitness, nutrition or wellness business invisible? Here’s how to increase the awareness and visibility of your wellness business:

Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Newsletters: Subject Lines That Make ‘Em Look!

Do your health club or wellness center’s marketing emails and newsletter subject lines actually work?

Online Marketing: How Smart Wellness Businesses Do It

The latest on best-in-class online marketing practices for wellness businesses, combed from a long list of marketing ROI studies.

Video Marketing: Insider Tips For Health, Wellness and Fitness Businesses

Video marketing helps people imagine their experience with your health club, yoga studio or wellness center. Done well, it’s a great way to get people to take that first step through the door.

Content Marketing: The Health & Wellness Checklist For Health Clubs, Yoga Studios and Wellness Centers

Surprised to find out how much writing online marketing for wellness businesses involves? These reminders help you write to the strengths of your email, social and website channels.