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Sticky Situations: The Right Words At The Right Time For Health & Wellness Business Leaders

Tired of grasping for the right words in certain situations? We problem-solve the stickiest conversations for you, with specific examples of questions and statements that buy you time to think before committing – and keep you in control.

27 Ways Wellness Businesses Demotivate & Undermine Their Employees

mean boss

Your new wellness hires excited. Six months later, they’re demoralized. Avoid these 27 demotivating mistakes and your corporate wellness business, health club, or wellness business will benefit from their energy and enthusiasm.

Resume Tips For Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Professionals

Are you a seasoned wellness professional getting ready to make your next career move? Bad news: Your resume almost certainly contains these five mistakes. Good news: They’re easy to fix.

Lessons I Learned From My Bosses

1) Respect is the bedrock of strong companies I worked for a top partner at Arthur Andersen – then the leading public accounting firm in the world. When he visited audit teams at clients, he always had individually-wrapped domino-sized Chuckles candies with him. And on more than one occasion, I saw him HURL these things [...]

Meeting Management Tips From A Former CFO: What I Learned The Hard Way About Team Meetings

Ten meeting management tips from a former CFO & COO that help get things done in your health club, yoga studio, wellness center, or healthy lifestyles business.

The Broad Shoulders Checklist: A Better Way to Evaluate Staff

Certifications, degrees, dependability, positive attitude….all good stuff. But it’s not enough.The most successful wellness businesses look for “broad shoulders” in everyone from the receptionist to the general manager.

Tests, Interviews, Demos: Getting Wellness Hiring Right

Use behavioral interviewing techniques + written assessments, interview questions and demonstrations to assess true capabilities of health and wellness professionals.

Try This: Sorting Contenders vs Pretenders When Your Wellness Business Is Hiring

You know how you get zillions of unqualified responses whenever you post a job –  often from people who clearly didn’t even read the posting closely? And it happens everywhere –  newspaper, Craigslist, college and university job boards, and on and on. I love what the guy who started the Buckyballs magnetic toy business [...]

How To Stop Political Chitchat Among Health & Wellness Staff

Political discussions at work. Not cool. And yes, you CAN put a stop to them – the First Amendment doesn’t apply to employers, only governments. I can point to at least two specific situations where excellent employees LEFT companies because they were so offended by constant political discussion in the office which conflicted with their [...]

82 Non-Cash Rewards For Health & Wellness Employees When Raises Are Out Of The Question

Noncash reward and recognition ideas for health clubs, corporate wellness providers, yoga studios, wellness centers, clinics and medical practices and other health and wellness businesses