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Fitness Without Gyms, Health Clubs or Fitness Centers…Hmmmm

Food for thought: If the November Project showed up in your city, would it help or hurt your wellness business?

Internet Diagnosis: When Enough Wrongs Might Make it Right

Healthcare providers have apparently grown weary of the public’s penchant for doing their own Internet research..and all too often coming up with the wrong information. So…if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That seems to be the driving force behind improving tools for online diagnostics.

What Investors Want to See In Healthcare Start-Ups

How do venture capitalists evaluate healthcare start-ups?

Frequent Flyer Miles by the Calorie

I like how the folks at BalticMiles are thinking.

ASICS Training Ad Uses Good Music and Olympic Athletes

It’s tough to watch this clip on the couch. It’s not the guilt factor, it’s actually difficult to sit still while this tune is playing!  The pushup-handstands at the 40-second mark look fun, too.

Planet Fitness Ads – Always On-Message, Always Funny

Planet Fitness’  latest ads don’t disappoint. Poking fun at health club stereotypes yet again, they spell out very clearly why they’re different.

Modern Produce: Farmed for Color, Texture, Taste, Not Nutrition

“Modern” fruits and veggies – almost unrecognizable from their historical versions! Read on…

Try This: Virtual Destinations for Fitness Fun

Moon Joggers demonstrates a delightful way to combine social media and your wildest travel fantasy to motivate clients to get more exercise.

Demographic Trends and Wellness: Is Your Business Ready?

Per latest census, U.S. demographics continue to shift in ways that will affect each community differently.

Generic Drug Fraud (and Worse)

Generics are touted as the equivalent of the brand name drug – same chemical composition, safe and cheap.  Right? Well…