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What I’ve Learned From Fitness and Wellness Clients

I’ve learned a lot from Radial’s clients–but not the fitness tips and diet advice you might expect.

Protect Your Wellness Biz, Health Club or Fitness Center From Lawsuits

Health clubs, fitness businesses, clinics and wellness centers most commonly overlook the vendor and public-related tips for avoiding or preventing lawsuits.

Sticky Situations: The Right Words At The Right Time For Health & Wellness Business Leaders

Tired of grasping for the right words in certain situations? We problem-solve the stickiest conversations for you, with specific examples of questions and statements that buy you time to think before committing – and keep you in control.

The Train Or Terminate Flowchart: Deciding When To Invest In Underperforming Employees

Flowchart helps you decide whether to fire or train employees who lack key knowledge in health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, customer service or other key skills

Deluding Yourself About Qualified Fitness and Wellness Prospects?

Are you killing time with strangers…or selling to qualified fitness, nutrition and wellness prospects? Check your list of prospects against these five questions:

Altruistic Marketing: Reader Q&A

Below I’ve tackled questions about altruistic marketing that arise in special situations commonly faced by health and wellness businesses:

Uncovering Customer Motivation: Eight Vital Questions

We always ask fitness, nutrition and wellness clients why their customers buy from them.

Insiders Only: Time Management For Health and Wellness Professionals

Health and wellness really is different–even when it comes to time management! These four strategies tackle the most common schedule management challenges for health and wellness professionals:

Lessons I Learned From My Bosses

1) Respect is the bedrock of strong companies I worked for a top partner at Arthur Andersen – then the leading public accounting firm in the world. When he visited audit teams at clients, he always had individually-wrapped domino-sized Chuckles candies with him. And on more than one occasion, I saw him HURL these things [...]

The Worst Wellness Marketing Mistakes & Business Blunders

The worst business and marketing mistakes and business bloopers that health and wellness businesses make.