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The Year-End Online Marketing Checkup for Wellness Businesses

Self-score this year-end sanity check to assess online marketing effectiveness at your health club, yoga studio or wellness business.

Five Gift-Card Strategies That Turbo-Charge Sales

The holidays are on the horizon, so your gift card sales will go through the roof, right? Well…

Did ASICS’ Trojan Horse Gym Get The Epic Results Expected?

This is a fun idea and some not not-so-timid folks got a free pair of shoes out of the deal, but do you think this is an effective PR campaign for ASICS?

7 Offline Local Marketing Tips for Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Businesses

The web’s great and all that – but local wellness marketing’s about more than the Internet!

How Chipotle vs Industrial Food Production Is Marketing Genius

This ad has it all: top-notch creativity, a celebrity soundtrack and a powerful dramatization that forces viewers to confront where their food comes from (along with a few tugs on the heartstrings). Or…is something more cynical going on?

How To Fix Five Kinds of Wellness Business Invisibility – Tips for Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Is your fitness, nutrition or wellness business invisible? Here’s how to increase the awareness and visibility of your wellness business:

“BAD” Marketing for Wellness Speeches and Presentations

You’re presenting to four large industry associations in the next four months. Or your local Rotary wants a speech on healthy lifestyles for busy execs.

Free Marketing for Health Clubs, Yoga Studios: American Express “Shop Small” Saturday

Numerous Shop Small freebies from Amex help you promote your local wellness business this November.

Marketing Your Wellness Business With Health Observances

Use health observances to market your health club, yoga studio, wellness center, and corporate wellness business.

How NOT To Respond To A Customer Inquiry

Here’s a real email response I recently received after making an inquiry: