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Positive Psychology Quiz: Score Your Happiness, Positive Thinking and Optimism

UPenn’s positive psychology guru Dr. Martin Seligman has researched happiness and wellbeing for a long time. Try out some of his team’s positive psychology self-assessments at no charge.

Try This: Make A Workout Vid From The User’s Perspective

This is a fun and fairly simple way to show folks what it’s like to do the workouts YOUR studio offers. 

What Will Your Last Ten Years Look Like?

Have you seen this? Obviously not all age-related health problems are due to lifestyle, but still…

Yoga Rehab for Military Vets

It won’t surprise yoga folks to hear that yoga benefits PTSD. However…

Yoga While You Wait At San Francisco Airport

Ask anyone if air travel leaves them feeling relaxed and it’s probably safe to say the vast majority of folks will give you that incredulous “are you serious?” look.  So, when I saw a yoga studio in terminal two at SFO (yes that’s right, a yoga studio), I could hardly believe my eyes. And then I [...]

Try This: Uganda Baby Blanket

What if you did what these folks have done? And completely reinvented the way you communicated essential information to your customers and clients?

Last Chance Free Sneak Preview – This Thurs 11/11 – Virtual World Yoga Conference!

A pretty sweet deal from our YogaHub partners – the last free 90-minute sneak preview of the full YogaHub online yoga conference scheduled for February 2011.

Going Green – Health Clubs, Yoga Studio, Wellness Centers

Want to update your small business by going green and getting Zen?  Check out these books to get your business into the 21st century.

Top Wellness Book Recommendations: Prevention & Self-Care

Check out our list of top books on prevention and self-care, some from subscribers and a couple from me.  And, if you have any health and wellness book recommendations, leave them in the comments section and we’ll send you a tiny (but fun!) freebie!