Speaker Kits & Speaker Marketing for Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals

We've been fortunate to work with great clients who were really good speakers, from leaders of health and wellness-related businesses and organizations to wellness coaches, personal trainers and exercise scientists, physicians, psychologists and on and on.

They spoke about really good, interesting topics: fitness and competition, behavior and lifestyle change, nutrition, weight loss and healthy eating, motivation, achievement, self-awareness and reflection, raising healthy kids, thriving despite serious health issues, healthy, active aging and more.

The folks in their audiences were leaning forward, totally engaged, and there was a line of people waiting to talk to them afterwards. People lucky enough to hear them talked about it for days.

And yet - they struggled to market their public speaking services. 

That's because being a great speaker isn't enough.

To get gigs that pay well, good health, wellness and fitness speakers need the right marketing tools and the right marketing plan.

The Professional Wellness Speaker's Marketing Toolbox

Getting more engagements starts with a must-have, all-in-one marketing tool: the speaker's kit.

Everyone who hires professional speakers expects you to have one. It's how the business of professional speaking works.

A great kit gives you instant credibility. Anything else looks like you're not ready for prime-time, even if the truth is that you're an amazing speaker. 

This "kit" is the comprehensive information package that you or your marketing team provides to speakers bureaus, conference and event managers and anyone else considering engaging you.  

It's normally provided in PDF form with a link to a matching and similarly-styled website page that includes downloadable hi-res photos, videos and other key content.

Why is the speaker's kit so important? 

First, it makes life easier for the conference executive by making your speaker profile instantly memorable. 

These folks are usually super-busy. They have a stack of speaker profiles they're reviewing. Their goal is to winnow down that long list into a short list to call, which means they're looking for reasons to rule OUT possible candidates. 

So a well-done kit gets you successfully through this critical first step: it moves you to the "maybe/yes" pile, so you get the phone call and follow-up.

Second and even more important: an A+ speaker's kit is the first step towards getting the healthy speaker's fee you're going to require in order to appear at their event.

It establishes up-front that you're a professional providing a valuable and unique product. It stops anyone who wants you to do it for free or for a ridiculously small fee in their tracks.

Speaker's kits: four common issues

Most speaker's kits we review for new clients fall into one of these categories:

  • Weak presentation - homegrown Microsoft Word formatting, sub-par photos, poor graphic design, weakly-written content and/or over-the-top self-promotional tone
  • Omits key information that professional speaker's bureaus instantly look for - recent speaking engagements, testimonials, an edited video highlight, etc.
  • Too much information, not curated - obscures the really compelling points by including every school you ever attended, trivial and unimpressive certifications, even your tiniest speaking engagements. 
  • No kit - you're starting from scratch

Here's what our professional speaker's kits include:

  • A so-called "one sheet" (it's really two pages, the front and back of a single page if you were to print it) - this is the marketing "brain" of your kit and it's where we spend the most time and the most creative energy
  • At least one carefully-chosen high-resolution color photo in jpg or png format (we help choose and if your current pictures aren't the best marketing choice, we WILL tell you that and help you get good photos)
  • A selected video clip which highlights your content and personality on stage in front of an audience, edited down from full-length
  • Selected audience and event manager testimonials demonstrating your performance as a speaker
  • Other items that support your value as an authority in your field, like a summary of radio, TV or print media coverage, information about your published books and so on.
  • A web page design based on the one-sheet and the information listed below
  • A speaker's agreement tailored to your services that you can provide to event managers and other speaking clients

How we work with you

Job #1 is for us to figure out your unique and distinctive focus. Lots of folks speak on health and wellness topics - so you've got to be crystal-clear on what makes you different and worth the big bucks.  It's not enough to say "I talk about kids' fitness" or "I focus on women's issues" or "My topic is integrative nutrition."

Our goal is to cherry-pick the most impressive and attention-getting aspects that underscore your distinctive qualifications, and distill those down into your "one-pager." So we:

  • Discuss your wellness mission - what are you passionate about? What topics do you love?
  • Go through your resume, curriculum vitae and professional experiences and accomplishments to identify the most important points
  • Review important life experiences and accomplishments, when relevant and appropriate, to create your back-story
  • Review videos of your actual speaking engagements so that we can describe them meaningfully
  • Discuss your public speaking style and any unusually creative or memorable elements like props or demos that increase audience participation
  • Review Powerpoint presentations, handouts and other items you actually use in your engagements so that we can market the full experience that you offer audiences
  • Analyze audience and client testimonials and other feedback to help uncover what's unique about your talks

Then we condense all of this down into your "one-pager" to maximize your interest and appeal to potential audiences.

We also work with you to identify a carefully-curated short list of speaker topics, and we come up with great names for each one. (This step addresses a very common mistake - speaking on lots and lots of topics, and giving your talks titles that are blah and boring.)

We also help you settle on an appropriate fee and spell out the kinds of speaking engagements you'd like to do. That way you'll be able to confidently discuss your terms with event managers, rather than sounding hesitant and inexperienced.

And last, we provide you with a draft speaker's agreement tailored to your specific situation. Because nothing looks small-time faster than not having an agreement ready to send when a conference manager calls and wants to hire you.

The Professional Wellness Speaker's Marketing Plan

If you've got a rock-solid speaker's kit and you're still not getting the bookings you want, the issue is usually lack of a marketing plan designed to actively increase your personal brand and visibility as an authority and as an speaker in your chosen field.

A good marketing plan to increase speaking engagements can include lots of different elements. We tailor plans to individual clients. For example, most marketing plans for public speakers should include a review of speaker's bureaus with a decision about which bureaus are likeliest to be a good fit for your level of experience and topic.

We also find that it's usually helpful for clients to work through potentially stressful discussions in advance, so you have talking points and know what to say. For example, what are some specific ways you can gracefully explain your fee to an event manager? How should you respond if someone tries to negotiate your fee down?

We put the plan together in consultation with you so that you or your in-house marketing resources have a roadmap to follow. Or, if you want us to implement the plan - for example, contacting speaker's bureaus on your behalf or taking care of other marketing activities for you - those services are available as well.

How our pricing works

For new clients, speaker's kits typically average about $1350. For existing clients where we already have a high degree of familiarity with your business, speaker's kits typically average $850.

Our fees for speaker's kits are all-inclusive. They include:

  • Consulting discussions with you to develop your specific and unique marketing points
  • A highlight video, including any necessary video editing
  • The one-pager PDF, including all of the content creation, photo editing, graphic design
  • Copies of underlying Adobe InDesign or other files on request so that future changes can be made by your local marketing team

If your needs include a separate marketing plan to build your speaking business, we'll be happy to provide a separate quote. Since marketing plans come in all sizes, the actual fee depends on your specific requirements.

How can we help?

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