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Spring 2014

What I’ve Learned From Fitness and Wellness Clients
Bolthouse Farms Strikes Again!
Yes. But No. Saturated Fat & Childhood Obesity Breakthrus?
Five Wellness
Website Design Trends

Winter 2013

Try This, NFL logos (!), report card
Is Social Your WikiLeaks? Plus Online Marketing Self-Test

Fall 2013

Ripped from the headlines
Handy phrases, two new vids and more
Healthy & obese, LinkedIn don’ts, free medical texts
Biz planning tips, antibiotics 101, threat or thrive? You decide
Up your biz visibility, top 100 clubs, the investment side of healthcare
Safer data, healthier kids, happier you
Corporate wellness lead gen, book reviews, new vid
Five must-send holiday EMs + new productivity inspiration
Website alternatives and new Try This (yoga)
Local wellness marketing isn’t online-only
Gift card tips, DIY hearing test, RD ethics for sale
Important news (2 kinds) and non-pushy emails

Summer 2013

Corp wellness study – quick, duck! motivation, doc drug habits
Prospecting or chit-chatting? Precor ad, LI gripe, funny vid
Testimonial tips, nudge interventions, hospital charges
Two ads: one bad pitch, the other on key, plus holiday marketing checklist
Speaker marketing punchlist, more…
Best/worst clubs, goodwill marketing (tips, Q&A, Try This), ten years vid
How grandma feels, better blogging, more…
Train or terminate, moonshot, less-super foods
Worst customer service reply – ever, make ‘em look, activity tracker review, vid
What clients really look for on wellness websites (+ new vid & more)
E-Lesson sneak peek, how to be a good client, insurer grades, plus a quiz
Biz plan self-test, menu labels: worth it?, funny vids
Shd you write your own testimonials?, Free publicity, wellness Black Fri, great vid

Spring 2013

Health impostors, unhelpful medical tests and treatments, online survey tools
Diff media? Diff message! Demotivating staff, what’s in a name?
Cash flow fixes, LGBT seniors, stories about running
Online marketing ROI, diabetes tool, ditching college sports
How to hire marketing help, workplace model, military yoga
Top customer gripes, high/low pricing, new video
Investor pitch how-to, superhero PR, new vids
Predicting dropouts, oldie but goodie, “treatment” vid
Healthy checkouts, doc “check-ups”, cookie puzzler
Franchise-picking, competitive framing, ad rules
Video tips, what being fat is like, UnderArmour marketing grade
Pricing prowess, health claim scrutiny, Lochte vid spoof
Graceful non-annoying marketing, summer reading, Barbie doll madness

Winter 2013

Web trends: pick wisely, aging has its pluses, heartburn helper or hindrance?
Special time problems, obesity facts busted, RD sell-out?
Bulletproof ROI, event invites, real women-take 2
Too expensive: excuse or reason, postcard critque, king of niche
Check this list, try this:
high-impact visuals, more reel ideas

Fall 2012

Weekly holiday marketing countdown calendar, peer weight loss leader study results, Five Years Extra video
Holiday marketing checklist, changing the balance of power in real estate negotiations, old-school cures
Altruism marketing (giving away services), surprising kid fitness results, pleasant food marketing surprises
UAE, website weeding, best/worst Top 10 lists for obesity, diabetes, etc., fitness time machine
Customer survey best practices, employee wellness preferences and priorities, cigar promo from health club?!
Resume tips for wellness professionals, F as in Fat – 2012 edition, new PSAs make parents think twice

Summer 2012

Leasing tips for wellness businesses, Superhumans video, Gluten-Free Les Miserables Parody Video, William Traub obit
Better ways to sell corporate wellness, new obesity meds, healthcare reform cheatsheets
Thirteen anti-discount wellness promotions, Fogg’s “motivation wave” concept (vid), “Miss Representation” trailers
Content marketing 411, soda guessing, sugary cereals
Mid-year assessment, new Hall of Fitness Silliness award winner
Free-seminar how-to’s, how to stop political jabber in workplace, crowdfunding resources
QR codes, healthy eating analogy, medical procedure costs, DSM-5 update, archaic diseases

Spring 2012

Flyer marketing tips, body weight simulator, ADA photo – what were they thinking?
Crossfit interview, how to ask illegal interview questions, overweight/obesity headlines, odd radio PSAs
Pinterest, Try This: Don’t Sell Health Benefits, New West Wing Video
Special Offer, Time/Money Translations, HBO Obesity Vids, Global Diabesity Stats
Boss Lessons, Invisible Wellness, Overused Lab Tests & Procedures
Technical Email Fails, Lipstick Lead, Office Workouts
South Bay, Homework Selling, Time Fog
Confucius Checklist, Get Sick Here, Longevity Calculators