WebSavvy: Practical Internet Strategies For Health & Wellness Businesses

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deerintheheadlights2 Still Time To Check Off Your 2014 Online Marketing Resolutions! November 2014 - Remember your health club’s New Year’s sales and marketing resolutions? There’s still time — let’s go! No need to feel like a (rein)deer in the headlights. These do-it-in-one-day tips set you up right for 2015. 1. Update your LinkedIn profile It takes just minutes, and it’s how important business connections find you on the web. […]
Digital Health Trends: Is 2015’s Biggest Loser Wellness? October 2014 - Wearables, hot. Pedometers? So yesterday. Google Glass, augmented reality and retail beacons are real things, not just wild ideas. But are these gee-whiz technologies actually helping your fitness business attract and retain clients and change lives for the better? Before you spend another penny outfitting clients with the “WellTrakR Doohickey 2020 (TM),” it’s worth asking what customers and clients will get out […]
namaste_pumpkin_squirrel Eight Online Strategies for Seasonal Corporate Fitness Marketing September 2014 - Are aggressive work calendars and well-stocked office parties destroying client progress on employee wellness? Before the craziness sets in, update your seasonal corporate fitness marketing strategy to help cement your club’s value to enterprise clients. For corporate fitness clients, the holidays represent a significant threat to the progress of wellness program objectives. A year’s worth of results can be lost in the stress, […]
CRM Train Wreck Does Your Health Club Need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software? September 2014 - If manual processes and dropped balls are crippling your health club or corporate wellness sales growth, CRM may be just the fix you need. But if you’re still figuring out a marketing plan that matches your wellness center’s business goals, CRM may be a train wreck. These questions help you decide whether your wellness business actually […]
330px-Hansel-and-gretel-rackham What Hansel & Gretel’s Breadcrumbs Teach Wellness Businesses About Integrated Online Marketing August 2014 - Why aren’t clients beating a path to your health club, yoga studio, or weight loss clinic? Time for a lesson in integrated online marketing from our good friends Hansel and Gretel. What is integrated online marketing? As you recall, the wicked stepmother sends the kids into the forest, only the smart kids leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs to […]
email symbol on row of colourful envelopes Email Marketing Tools Your Wellness Business Is Paying For But Not Using June 2014 - Using 20% of the email marketing features your fitness or wellness business is paying for? That’s one reason you’re not seeing the clients, click-throughs, revenues and brand awareness you wanted. If you’re just sending out newsletters or one-shot email promos, you’re frittering away your email marketing investment. It’s like buying a Porsche, never driving over 10 mph — then complaining […]
hello2 New Rules of Search and Social for Wellness: Just Showing Up Isn’t Enough Any More May 2014 - A Radial client presented at a public event last week. A third of the attendees had already heard of them! Woo hoo! And no, our client didn’t control the marketing OR the invite list. What’s their secret? They really get how search and social work these days, AND they really know their target audience. Here’s […]
chasing-butterflies Wellness Websites: Doing the Hard Work, or Just Busy Work? April 2014 - Are you chasing butterflies? How much time does your wellness business spend on social media? Email? What sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction objectives does it accomplish? If you don’t know, you’re just doing busy work. A lot of wellness businesses have “bright shiny object” syndrome. The newer and more hyped a tool is, the more time they spend on it. But the landscape can change rapidly. […]
When Less Is More: Make Each Click Count on Your Wellness Website March 2014 - When new prospects visit your wellness website, do they see content and links purposed to help them take action? Or do they find themselves awash in hundreds of re-posted articles about the “obesity epidemic” that cause more fear and confusion than action?  Do they see a list of three payment plans for your “6-week beginner yoga […]
The Most Popular Social Media Network – By Far February 2014 - Social media is where email was 10 years ago: a Wild West of shouty ads, “cute” pictures, and too-good-to-be-true sales pitches. Meanwhile, the old frontier of email has been settled: thanks to CAN-SPAM, we’ve actually asked for most of the commercial emails we get, and they’re also more informative, helpful, friendly, and approachable than ever. […]
Six Email Marketing Trends Wellness Businesses Should Know About January 2014 - Here’s how fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyles businesses can capitalize on 2014’s email marketing trends: 1. Increasing “Despamification” Spam filters are getting more intelligent and more aggressive. Many use artificial intelligence to detect patterns in communication and not just words. If your email newsletter list has lots of bad addresses, if you’re getting high levels of spam […]
Five Web Design Trends Wellness Businesses Should Know About January 2014 - For many wellness businesses, web design is like Indy car racing: fun to watch but scary to do.  The latest trends in website marketing will relieve some of your anxiety, with a focus on clear communication, simplicity, and maintainability. Keep these trends top of mind in 2014: 1. Single page websites These are sites that keep the […]