Recent Clients

We work with clients of all sizes on all kinds of projects. Our goal is to provide whatever help and resources you need to close the gap between where your fitness center or weight-loss program or yoga studio or healthy lifestyle business is - and where you want it to be.

That might mean a brochure design for a sole practitioner health coach - or a consulting project for a Fortune 500 healthcare business thinking outside the box about growth. 

Or it might mean working with a fairly new wellness center that's had some success - and wants to expand its marketing activities, or decide where to focus next. 

Every client's need is unique, and we tailor what we do to your specific business, goals and direction.

Below's a sampling of recent client projects including work we've done as recently as 2013. And here's more information about what that actually involves.

  • Developed business strategy, business launch project plan and marketing strategy for new Johns Hopkins-affiliated multidisciplinary weight management clinic headed by globally-recognized obesity expert, public health authority and White House advisor.

  • Consulted on growth strategy and developed marketing plan for EMEA-based corporate wellness provider which specializes in maximizing health, wellness and high-achiever productivity for companies whose competitive advantage is intellectual capital.

  • Provided detailed plan to increase visibility and recognition for largest corporate wellness research firm representing 60% of the Fortune 100 and 1/3 of the U.S. workforce; advised on growth strategy, marketing strategy, expansion into new markets and products and acquisition of seed financing.

  • Advised high-end health and fitness holding company on strategies for growth and provided detailed marketing recommendations; addressed launch of new products, acquisition integration,  and customer acquisition/retention. Advised extensively on email marketing.

  • Consulted with evidence-based healthy lifestyles company on strategies for partnering with the third largest public university in the U.S. to offer its programs to employees and businesses

  • Advised a highly-respected and well-known physician and media personality with expertise in family and childhood wellbeing on product expansion and monetizing strategies for their learning community.

  • Consulted with national insurance carrier on health and wellness business opportunities which fall outside its traditional regulated healthcare environment.

  • Advised sales and marketing leadership of large corporate wellness provider on customer acquisition strategies

  • Developed marketing strategy and website content for startup fitness business focused on older adults and people with chronic health concerns.

  • Worked with small and successful East Coast yoga studio to redefine personal and business objectives of owner and identify and prioritize future areas for development; developed framework for evaluating and prioritizing new business ideas.

  • Advised multiple well-established businesses of all sizes on website content and the development of unique marketing messages specific to each business.