Typical Client Projects

We work with clients of all sizes on all kinds of projects.

Our goal is to provide whatever help and resources you need to close the gap between where your wellness business is–and where you want it to be.

That might mean a brochure design for a sole practitioner health coach – or a consulting project for a Fortune 500 healthcare business thinking outside the box about growth. Or it might mean working with a fairly new wellness center that’s had some success – and wants to expand its marketing activities, or decide where to focus next.  Or helping a corporate wellness provider expand into new services or new geographies.

Here are the kinds of things we usually do for clients:

Strategic Marketing

  • Figuring out what’s authentically distinctive and special about your wellness business and how to communicate that most compellingly to potential clients, members and patients
  • Planning and implementation of new program launches
  • Creating a soup-to-nuts marketing plan that spells out all the implementation details and puts it all on a timeline
  • Creating a complete portfolio of online and offline marketing materials tailored to your specific needs, ranging from traditional print materials like business cards, postcards, club cards and brochures to downloadable white papers and website content.
  • Advising on a strategic partnership or the acquisition of another wellness business

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing content strategy specifically tailored to client’s business strengths and goals.
  • Creation of an email newsletter, including full customization (headers, welcome messages, sign-up form, newsletter template, and more) plus

Website Marketing

  • Diagnosing an existing website, identifying gaps, writing new content and/or revising existing content (includes on-page keyword SEO)
  • Integrating your website marketing with your email marketing and social media presence (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Integrating your online marketing activities with your offline marketing, like events and print marketing

Print Marketing

  • Concept development, design and content of print marketing materials: brochures, sales sheets, handouts, coupons and “try before you buy” promotions, print ads, special reports, trade show and conference materials, etc.
  • Editing a client’s draft manuscript, creating an InDesign layout and cover design, publishing it through print-on-demand vendors and distributing it for sale on Amazon in print and Kindle editions

Event Marketing

  • Event marketing campaigns – everything from posters, direct mail and invitations to conversion strategies that ensure more participants actually turn into paying customers