Betcha Never Thought You’d See It!

OK, if I ever criticized McDonald’s I take it all (well, most of it) back.

Have you noticed that Mickey D’s is now putting nutritional info on food packaging? And not just on the healthy stuff – but on the “sometimes” foods as well.

Check these pix out:



One of the trends we’ve been talking about since 2005 is more voluntary nutritional disclosure by restaurants – especially national or large regional chains. It’s partly to encourage health-conscious folks to eat there – and partly to head off mandatory disclosure requirements.

Regardless of the motivation, I’m delighted to see McDonald’s taking the initiative on this.

And I’m even happier to see the information on the package where you can actually see it.

Historically this kind of info (depending on the restaurant) either 1) didn’t exist; 2) was inconveniently located only online; 3) parked on a tiny-print poster somewhere obscure in the restaurant or 4) stashed behind the counter.

Granted, you’ve got to place your order before you see the nutritional info – but you’ll be smarter next time, right?

If you ask me, it’s about time.

Are you seeing more examples like this in your corner of the world?

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