Top 10 Mythbusting Nutrition/Obesity Documentaries

Our roundup of ten funny, shocking, and mythbusting food and obesity DVDs.

Food, Inc. - Something’s wrong when chickens grow too fast to walk properly.

Fast Food Nation - The movie version of the book (“most people don’t like to be told what’s best for them”).

Sicko - US healthcare – Best in the world? Really?

Super Size Me - Why Ronald McDonald is really an evil alien sent to destroy Earth.

King Corn - Ubiquitous and subsidized.

The Future of Food - Frankensteinian food, part 1.

Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food - Frankensteinian food, part 2.

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World - Aspartame toxicity: hoax or reality?

Killer at Large - Obesity – “the most democratic of wars”.

Fat Head -  A contrarian (but science-based) take on the obesity epidemic – what if it were all over-hyped?

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