Butter Will Too Melt In Your Mouth – Texas State Fair Fried Foods

State fairs today are meccas of extreme deep-frying.  It began with Snickers – and culminated in fried butter at the 2009 Texas State Fair. Plus seven other fried Frankensteinian creations. There’s even a t-shirt!

The dough balls on the right are fried butter. Simply a chunk of frozen garlic-flavored butter, breaded and deep-fried. I’m not a food purist. But decadent food better be worth the calories, know what I mean? And you haven’t missed a thing if you’ve missed fried butter. It just tasted like soggy garlic toast. Bummer.

PS Having grown up in rural Mississippi, let’s hope that what they mean by fried pork chips is not the first thing that comes to my mind.

Any food oddities to report in your corner of the world? Post below!

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