Kids, Food, Exercise – Who’s Responsible For What?

Ellyn Sattler, RD has strong opinions about what parents should and shouldn’t do when it comes to kids, food and activity.

For example,  my guess would be that she probably recommends against urging kids to go play…instead suggesting that the child will arrive independently at the right level of activity if opportunities are made available.

Here’s a quick summary of her “division of responsibility” recommendations for parents, kids, food and activity.

I’d love to hear your opinions, observations and experiences.

Are these smart day-to-day strategies for most kids and families?

Read her two guides, and post your comments here (your email stays confidential).  We’ll pick a random winner from the comments and send you something small but thought-provoking.


  1. Lauri DeRuiter-Willems says

    Wow, We are ALL responsible, but I like how Ellyn Sattler has divided the responsibilities between parent and child. This definitely give each group an idea of what to expect and what to be accountable for. However, what happens to those children who have already established “bad” habits for eating and physical activity? We know how hard it is to change as adults, and children can become quite set in their ways too.

    There is so much need and evidence that we need to improve our children’s eating and activity already. I’ve attached a link that my sister?PE teacher just sent me. Very interesting!

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