Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

Try This: Uganda Baby Blanket

What if you did what these folks have done? And completely reinvented the way you communicated essential information to your customers and clients?

Uganda’s infant mortality rate is high. That’s partly because new parents aren’t familiar with key baby wellness indicators, like 1–, 3– and 6–month growth charts and illness warning signs.

Sure, you could try to round up folks for a parenting class.

But as anyone who’s been a student knows, most of what you “learned” flies out of your head as soon as you walk out the door.

The Uganda Information Blanket overcomes that challenge in a novel and creative way.

It’s a baby blanket with essential baby health information printed on it:

Uganda baby blanket with key health information

Why it works

The “blanket strategy” has two strengths:

1) it PRIORITIZES information. It forces you (as a healthcare provider) to boil down all the advice you give to only the most important things.

2) it DELIVERS information in a format that is constantly present, always available as a reminder, always available to refer to.

How could you adapt a similar strategy to your own wellness business?

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