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Appearance Anxiety & Fitness Classes

Per a recent study published in Psychology of Sport & Exercise:

Even women who prioritize improving their appearance prefer exercise classes where the instructor emphasizes health benefits (“Let’s get fit and healthy”) over appearance benefits (“Let’s get taut and toned!!”).

In the study, instructors who emphasized health benefits wore a loose t-shirt and shorts. Those emphasizing appearance benefits wore traditional snugly-fitting aerobics outfits.

And an interesting side note – while other studies have shown that workout rooms containing mirrors increase exerciser anxiety, mirrors didn’t matter if the instructor’s leadership emphasized health benefits first and foremost.

Bottom-line, if your clients worry about appearance, focus on health, not appearance.

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  1. Mike Riley

    For 14 years we have imposed a relatively strict dress code. Basically, t-shirt, gym shors and tennis shoes. We do not allow anything that draws attention to the body. The policy has worked very well for us.

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