Is This Ad In Poor Taste?

You can see more examples of the “We Are Not Joggers” campaign on the Pearl Izumi site.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…is this in excruciatingly bad taste? Is it dismissive of folks who are just trying to do their best to stay active? Or is it a great celebration of those with a real passion for running?

I’ll withhold my opinion for the moment so I don’t bias your take on it.

What do you think? (We ask for your email to discourage spammers – but don’t worry, we won’t display it.)


  1. jay says

    its a lousy ad, whether in good taste or not. Nobody has time to read all that text. I don’t think nautilus is doing themselves any good by separating themselves from “joggers” or the average person just out to get some exercise.

  2. Mike Riley says

    I completely missed their point. I hope they did not pay someone to produce that. Remember, “The race is not always to the swift, but those who keep on running.” (i.e. jogging or just moving)

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