Healthy Graffiti – Must Be A Sign Of Progress, Right?

Healthy graffiti – from the Coastal Trail in Half Moon Bay, CA.

vegan wellness graffiti

Vegan Wellness Graffiti – Coastal Trail, CA


My first healthy graffiti! Had to hop off my bike to get these two shots on PGBT/190 in Far North Dallas a few weeks ago!

Surely this is a sign of progress. Here’s the first one:

Healthy Graffiti - Eat Greens!

Healthy Graffiti – Eat Greens!

And the other one (OK, spelling needs a little work) – I guess we can call this “comprehensive wellness graffiti” or perhaps “whole-body wellness graffiti”!

Healthy Graffiti - Floss Daily!

Healthy Graffiti – Floss Daily!

If you’re in the DFW area and want to know the exact location, just drop me an email.


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