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How NOT To Respond To A Customer Inquiry

Here’s a real email response I recently received after making an inquiry:

customer service-bad reply
Gosh, all they have to say to me is the terse command to “check back”?


If they think I, or any other potential customer, will remember them long enough to check back they will be sadly disappointed. I’ll have forgotten their name by this weekend (just as your prospective customers forget yours without ongoing marketing, by the way).

And even if I cared enough to check back, when? Next week? Next month? Next year?

And if they are seriously considering adding a “men’s wicking white pocket t-shirt” to their product line-up, they totally missed a golden opportunity to tell me that they would proactively inform me when it’s available.

So, if your women’s weight loss business gets a question about when you’re going to add a program for guys, don’t tell your customer to check back.

Take down their info, promise to let them know as soon as it’s available – and then, of course, follow through.

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