Results & Comments from Newsletter Content Survey

Three charts with overall results, unedited comments, and then our next steps - what we’ll do in response.

(And thanks bunches for sharing your suggestions, likes and dislikes about the weekly Advisor. I respect your investment of time and I take your comments seriously.)

In a nutshell:

No one likes everything.

Everyone likes something.

(As a reminder, the rating scale is: 3 = Generally like it, 2 = Neutral or don’t know, 1 = Meh…not crazy about it)

The details:



Over 70% of you said you “fairly frequently or always” save or print articles from the newsletter.

And just as a matter of interest, here are the most-selected drawing prizes. We’ve pulled the names from the “hat” and email notifications to the winners go out this week.


And the unedited comments (except that we did fix typos):

  • Great newsletter content!
  • I have found no “dud” items
  • Lots of good content to not only read but gives you something to think about as to how to run the business.
  • It sounds boring I know but I find interest in virtually all of these things ! Nothing I would term a dud. If you’re looking to turf something I’d go with the weird and wacky… as the other 3 things are more in ” expert” domain
  • Most is quick to read and applicable, always good to have some “light” stuff too
  • I really enjoy your enewsletter. Wouldn’t recommend you change the content at all!
  • Thanks for all the great info!
  • Could skip lighthearted, weird, wacky tidbits. E-mails are usually saturated w/ these.
  • Everything is valuable!
  • I think that depends on each individual’s situation. Personally, I find all the information helpful. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that I’ve simply deleted.
  • Could pass on jokes
  • Some of the lighhearted stuff is missable
  • The weird, wacky funny stuff is great, but it’s just that
  • Pretty much like it all if I have a chance to read it
  • I have found no items that are a total waste of time. I am not always interested in each area because my area of interest centers around management skills for fitness workers.
  • I think that what you have is good. Just the right amount. Not too much to make a person not want to read it.
  • Irrelevant studies from large health organizations.
  • I generally don’t think anything is a “waste of time.” Some things I’m just more interested than others.
  • (Don’t care about) Lighthearted, weird, wacky, or funny tidbits (like polls, cartoons, ad/video links, etc.)
  • It all is somewhat useful. I always learn something new.
  • (Don’t care about) Humor.
  • Not crazy about info from other orgs and lighthearted tidbits.
  • I appreciate the content.
  • I generally like it all and take time to read it
  • I think your content is great.
  • None…you are doing a great job!
  • I don’t look as much at the content that seems geared toward a fitness facility, as it’s more narrow. I like the content that can be applied to a variety of different types of organizations.
  • Generally I am pleased with the content – there seems to always be at least one thing I click on or save from each newsletter.
  • Competitions
  • Like it all. :-)
  • None of it is a waste of time. It’s useful information, I love that it is succinct. thank you.
  • Great work – keep it up
  • Great work. Thank You!
  • I really enjoy the newsletter. I think there are some that have more content than others. I think it would be OK to skip a week or two if there isn’t anything pressing to write about.
  • I want more advice for inportant questions and issues
  • Keep it up!
  • Love the tips!
  • Key trends and research results on the wellness industry is the most useful information.
  • I have really valued finding you…. I have found your advice to be valuable and motivational on many occasions
  • More content in each area of focus would be great
  • Although I don’t always get to check out the articles right away, I do appreciate getting them and will make time eventually. But I do pass them along to sales staff electronically.
  • Love it!
  • Love the light-hearted, personal tone of your e-newsletter.
  • Keep the wacky stuff and the cartoons! Humor is always helpful :)
  • Thanks for what you provide.
  • Love the blog, the marketing tips. Your Christmas marketing tips, getting a head start on that, was helpful. Really enjoy the training and tips on advertising and marketing.
  • State of the art trade initiatives help.
  • Well maybe I just contradicted myself now because the wacky stuff is fun
  • Often share with my management staff so maybe they will help keep me focused & grounded

So here’s what we will do going forward:

You’ll keep seeing the three “content chunks” that you normally see.

And it’ll continue to be short and sweet, but with the tweaks I’ve described below:

1) a Radial feature on sales, marketing, people management, strategy, etc.

No changes here – just more of the same with periodic check-ins with you folks to see what we ought to be writing about.

2) a non-Radial feature with outside expertise – headline, news, reports, etc.

We’ll probably focus more on news and trends here over time.  The outside report info’s not as important to most people.

(By the way, I have to say I think many of you are really missing a bet here. This research is where the trends COME from – and smart marketers can really leverage this kind of info to reinforce their expertise and authority. Plus it’s free professional development. But hey, I’m not your mom telling you veggies are good for you or anything.)

3) a lighter feature

I’ve been noodling on this one, because this is the one area that people either love – or love to hate.

We checked click-throughs. The “light” item is often the second most popular item in the newsletter after the Radial feature. So I want to respect that preference.

In the past, we’ve heard from folks that they “steal” our light items for their own newsletters  – which is totally OK. We only include health and wellness-related items, and we keep an eye out for novel things – we never just grab whatever’s hot on Yahoo this week.  If you want generic jokes, you can find them somewhere else!

So we won’t drop it. But it won’t expand. It’ll stay at the end where it’s easy to skip. And we won’t do many “just for fun” contests and surveys unless I specifically want your take on something (or we’re just in a really silly mood that week).

Fair enough? 

Let me know if you’ve got more to say – just email me or add Comments below (emails stay private, always).

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