Try This: Create A Social Review Page for Your Wellness, Fitness, Yoga Business

Take a page from Just Mowing’s book and add a social review page to your website.

Just Mowing Social Review PageThese guys have simply added links to the major social review sites here – Google+/Places, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. (Just click the image to see the live page.)

(Although I notice the “Like Us on Facebook” link seems to be missing in action. Not so good.)

It’s not fancy, it didn’t take long – and it’s very effective.  It also speaks to their confidence that they’re providing a great service and keeping their customers extremely happy.

Are you confident enough to do this?

Good for Customers

Online reviews and comparison sites, like Yelp, are super popular because folks  like to know what other folks think about a certain restaurant, health club, hotel, yoga studio or chiropractor before they go. They know they’re hearing about a real customer experience, not marketing hype.

Good for Business Owners

Chatter about your business is a good thing. It ramps up your online presence. It spreads the word about your business. It’s also an easy way to capture testimonials (more on how to get and use meaningful testimonials).

It’s kind of like having a conversation that everyone can hear–about YOUR business. And yes, that part is both good and scary. It can be scary inviting customers to share their experience because of the unknown…what will they say?

Stay Engaged

The obvious question here is, how do you handle the occasional negative comment? Most of the time, the best way is to reply back with a non-defensive explanation or apology. So yes, you’ll need to monitor these to make sure you’re part of the conversation. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to chime in with the occasional, “Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!” on the positive comments. More here about how to handle negative comments on social media.

Make it Easy

True, anyone can post an online comment on these external sites anytime they want. But if you make a web review page as part of YOUR website, then you increase the likelihood that people will post a review and it makes it easier to monitor the feedback. Even more important, you’re making it easy for potential NEW customers to check you out. This is a good thing.

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