Try This: Brag On Your Wellness Business Like Warby Parker

Brag on your wellness business like Warby Parker! It’s a great way to keep clients in the inner circle about what’s going on.

Your customers need to know that you’re a vibrant, healthy business with good stuff going on. Warby Parker does the best and most creative job of communicating this that I’ve ever seen.

First, take a look at their 2011 “annual report”. It’s really an extended update on everything they accomplished during the year, plus some fun or mildly interesting facts.

It stands out because it’s different, it looks good and it’s very doable – basically just six graphics that you could stick in a website slideshow (super-easy if you have a WordPress site) or place sequentially one after the other on a single l-o-n-g page on your website.

(Their 2012 annual report is even more cool, but requires a level of marketing investment that’s not practical or necessary for most folks. Plus it’s probably better at building buzz among marketing types like me than among potential customers. But still – fun to play with!)

Here’s how your health club or wellness center or employee wellness business can add its own twist:


1) “Day in the life” of an employeeWarby Parker Graphic -1


2) How many lives changed last year

In other words, how many people your wellness business “touched” during the year.

Warby Parker Graphic -2


3) A metric showing how much your wellness business gave back to the community.

This one might be dollars raised for a cause, or the number of free classes or seminars.

Warby Parker Graphic -3


4) “Year in review”

This is a timeline of big happenings during the prior year. It should include major new services you added, when you opened new facilities, that kind of thing.
Warby Parker Graphic -4


5) A blueprint or aerial shot of the facility layout or a map of amenities

Warby Parker Graphic -5


6) Fun and previously unknown facts about staffers

Warby Parker Graphic -6

I’m sure you can think of even more great ways to customize this idea – I’d love to hear what you come up with via email or in the comments!

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