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Mobile and Text Message Marketing Resources…

In this month’s WebSavvy chat, we had a request for vendors who provide mobile marketing and text message marketing services.

Three firms that we’ve gotten good reports on (and no, we have NO financial, business or personal ties to these companies): 


Free trial available so it’s easy to play around with it…a solid provider with a good track record. They support more than just SMS (see below) so you’ve potentially got more features and functionality to experiment with.

For example: we have a client who runs a high-end healthy lifestyles program. They used mobile messaging to send a combination of reminders, inspirational messages, and “protocols” from wellness coaches, and if I recall correctly links to online exercise videos for viewing on a mobile device.


They only support SMS (“Short Message Service”) which means you’re limited to sending 160-word messages.

A wellness center client promotes invitation-only events via text message. Recipients reply with an RSVP and then they followed up via email as the dates approached.

And a small pain mgmt/rehab clinic uses SMS-based messaging to remind clients on the day before and day of appointments.


This one combines mobile and viral marketing. You create a t-shirt with a catchy message and you pick a unique keyword. Let’s say you choose “CAGE FIGHT” for your catchy message and “MMA” for your keyword. They print and send you the t-shirt.

Then you wear the t-shirt and anyone who’s intrigued can text the keyword to 41411 and they’ll receive a message you’ve created – for example, the date/time/address of the next cage fight, or a web address for more info.

It’s definitely attention-getting and a good fit if you’re targeting 25-35 y/o’s, for example.

FYI, text-message marketing has to be either permission-based or opt-in…otherwise you’re violating the terms of service with the mobile provider (AT&T or T-Mobile or whoever). So it’s great for existing customers, often not as good for prospective customers.

If you decide to try mobile marketing or text message marketing, definitely test each vendor’s customer service and tech support before you pick a service-provider…that’s where the differences that really matter come in. And make them give you some references from customers with a similarly-sized customer list and similar message frequency, and ideally, customers who have done similar things to what you want to do. They don’t have to be health clubs or wellness-related businesses, but for example if you want to use surveys, check references with other customers who have used surveys.

Enjoy experimenting and let us know how it works out!

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