Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

Now THAT’S Customer Service!

Hubby and I dropped by the Fish Shack, a very tasty hole-in-the-wall seafood joint in Plano.  A line stretching to the door, absolutely packed – but the owner/cashier grabbed her calculator to see if we would save a little money by ordering a kid’s meal instead of two a la carte items.  Sweet!

Good food – FABULOUS customer service. I was totally impressed.

Now ask yourself: how often do your wellness customers have similar WOWs from your wellness center, yoga studio, clinic or health club?

When’s the last time  your wellness business did what was right for your customer, even though you knew it would cost you money (at least in the short-term)?

Or are your customer service policies designed to maximize short-term revenue no matter what?

(An article we wrote on this very topic: Is Your Wellness Business Addicted To Bad Profits? )

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