Constant Contact: New Email Marketing Features That Help Wellness Businesses

These four newer features from our email marketing partner Constant Contact are especially useful for wellness businesses:

1) auto-generate a newsletter from your blog posts.

You’ll probably have to do some additional housekeeping before you press “Send” but it’s still a super-fast way to get content into your newsletter. Just make sure your blog posts really ARE that good and delete any “quickies” that don’t really deserve headline status in your newsletter.

2) auto-tweet when you send an email.

Best for newsletters (gives your Twitter followers a heads-up that new content’s available) or time-limited promotions, so people know they gotta move fast.

3) auto-embed YouTube videos.

And it automatically grabs the thumbnail image, too. Love this. Studies show that images attract reader attention and many of you have video classes or exercise and nutrition-related demonstrations that are great newsletter content.

4)  auto-embed T, FB, LI buttons at the very top of your email.

No, most folks won’t click on them. But it’s super-easy to do, so any new followers, fans or connections you pick up are a nice bonus for very little effort.  And they don’t clutter up the newsletter for everyone else.

If you’re not a CC user, their 60-day free trial is a great way to experiment with this stuff so you know what’s possible when you’re ready to launch.

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