Disability vs Disease – Which Matters Most?

You probably thought that living to 100 meant dodging the bullets of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other diseases related to age.

That’s the basic idea behind “compression of morbidity” theories. In a nutshell, folks are thought to live to a ripe old age because they’ve avoided age-related diseases. In other words, they’ve “compressed” morbidity (disease and illness) into a very short period right before they die.Turns out that the key may really be “compression of disability” – avoiding disability, rather than avoiding disease – at least for men.

About a third of the folks in this study had age-related diseases for fifteen years or more, yet scored extremely high on tests that measure the ability to live independently.

Yet another reason that health and wellness businesses shouldn’t overlook “older older adults.”

More: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/96990.php

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