Wellness Businesses: How To Take Swine Flu “Off The Table”

You know your customers think that your gym, yoga studio, fitness center, health club, or wellness center is a hotbed of germs and viruses, right?

In fact, every single person I saw last night at my gym was grabbing the saniwipes and swabbing down the equipment – and trust me, that’s not their SOP!

But I had to wonder…how many people just figured  “Why take a chance?” and stayed home?  Meaning, of course – no juice bar sales, no yoga class punch card sales, no nutritionist or personal trainer appointments…etc., etc.

Tell your customers that cleanliness and sanitation are top priorities

That’s why health and wellness businesses need to take the initiative and tell their clients, customers and members what they do to keep their businesses clean and sanitary.

Like it or not, folks tend to worry about catching a bug when they visit a gym, yoga studio, fitness center, Pilates studio, health club, wellness center or similar health & wellness businesses.

That perception is especially strong when they’re worried about a potentially serious flu outbreak like the H1N1 “swine flu” threat.

Your wellness business needs to get proactive and TELL customers what you do to keep your business scrupulously clean.

Trust me, they are thinking and worrying about this whether you know it or not. And people who are thinking and worrying are people who eventually decide “Why risk it?” and avoid your business.  Not good.

So start communicating, and take this issue off the table for your customers.

Here’s your 3- step plan to tackle this issue:

1) Post a nicely-formatted announcement on your front door. Send out an e-mail. Set up a poster on an easel.  Put up signs in locker rooms, cardio and weight areas, mind/body studios, and next to the areas where you store yoga mats, stability balls, and other constantly used equipment.

2) In your announcement, acknowledge their concern. Tell them that your wellness business makes sanitation a priority year-round, not just when folks are worried by headlines.

Then, list five or so bullets describing your sanitation processes. This is one occasion when it’s actually a good idea to include some technical details. Build even more trust by offering to let them see your detailed procedures if they’re interested.

3) While you’re at it, place Purell gels and wipes in convenient spots for customers who want to use them.

How’s H1N1/swine flu affecting your business? Or is it?

I’d love to hear your experiences and ideas in the Comments below. (We keep your email private.)

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