How Do You Define Wellness?

Can’t stand all those squishy definitions (wellness = “state of wellbeing”…duh!) but I like these definitions because they’re fairly concrete and actionable.

  • Maintaining a balance among the six dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and physical
  • Feeling well in body, mind, and spirit
  • Applying habits of healthy living
  • Having a “reserve” that keeps you going despite stress
  • Removing personal obstacles to performing at the highest level
  • Being physically fit and observing healthy eating practices

How do you define wellness?  Or do you just “know it when you see it”?

And  how should we refine these definitions so that they’re meaningful for employers vs individuals?

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  1. says

    On the one hand, the word “wellness” has the potential to be so broad that its core meaning or purpose gets lost, on the other hand, an employee wellness program runs the risk of addressing diet and exercise. The wellness wheel is visual and demonstrates the holistic nature of the term. Having employers acknowledge that in addition to physical well-being, both emotional and mental health greatly influence productivity is a large step towards destigmatizing these issues in the larger population.

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