Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

Protect Your Wellness Business Data

Most health and wellness business leaders and professionals have created vast amounts of data that they’d be sick at losing – client records, workout programs, drafts of books, articles they’ve written for websites, videos and photos of client and customer successes and testimonials, irreplaceable sales and marketing materials, budgets, financial records, employee records….


These are all real-life examples from Radial clients, so I’m not just spinning scary stories here.

1) Yet many of you don’t routinely make daily offsite backups of your data. If your laptop is stolen – it’s all gone forever. If your building burns – it’s all gone. If your flash drive is stolen out of your car trunk – it’s all gone.

The fastest, cheapest fix I know is a subscription to Mozy, an online backup service. We use it ourselves. An individual subscription runs about $5 a month for more data than most of you have, and a pro version is available for larger businesses.  Set it up to run every  night and you can stop worrying.

2) And many of you aren’t scanning your desktop or laptop routinely for outdated software that needs to be updated to close security gaps.

The best fix for that one is the free Secunia Software Inspector which scans your system and gives you a report of vulnerabilities.  It complements your firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware tools – doesn’t replace them.  A paid version for larger businesses is also available.

If you’ve got other free (or cheap) tools you swear by, post ‘em in the comments. We ask for your email to dodge spammers, but we certainly don’t publish your email address.

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