Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

What Movie Does Your Wellness Business Resemble?

Judy Ritsema, a certified health coach,  says her Core Health Coach wellness business most resembles the movie “Facing The Giants”.


In Judy’s marvelously creative words:

My health and wellness business resembles the movie ‘Facing the Giants’.

It’s low budget and only is seen in selected venues.
It isn’t viewed by the masses, yet it has a few,(very few), loyal fans.
It’s on a limited budget, but has great passion and insight.
There aren’t any superstars, just a one man show.
I think it has a great story line, helping people see that letting the body and soul heal naturally, through nutrition, movement, and building health with education and a step by step process, they can attain joy in everyday life.
The main character is a woman with a vision that everyone can regain their youth and vitality and reverse and halt the aging process brought on by imbalances and toxic lifestyles. She gets to the heart of the matter and finds out the reason a person is struggling with their health and wellness goals. This is the reason her ‘movie’ is called Core Health Coach. Coming from her core to yours.

Great job, Judy! This is the third time we’ve run this contest over the last few years and I’m hard-pressed to think of a more creative entry.

Your tiny yet nifty prize is on the way!

This was a lot of fun, so we’re going to re-open the contest for a second round.

Give it your best shot here and tell us which movie your wellness business most resembles!

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