Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

Don’t Try This At Home (Or In Your Business)

I’ve seen two really funny — but instructive — examples of how NOT to advertise your fitness center recently. Both of these advertising idiocies were committed by large national chains. These are folks you’ve definitely heard of.

First up, the Dallas location of a very well-known national health club chain. The picture below is the sign they’re using to advertise a membership special. Adding insult to injury, this location is in one of the ritziest areas of Dallas. The people walking and driving past this sign are pretty sophisticated consumers.

I doubt they’ve seen many signs like this one (and don’t miss the family promotion on the right!):


Words fail me. I guess $49/year doesn’t leave much room for, umm, printed signs. Would you feel comfortable giving your credit card to these folks? Me either. It’s like buying “fine art” from those guys who set up in empty parking lots on the weekend.

The second one I unfortunately couldn’t get a picture of due to traffic.

You’ll have to use your imagination. Picture this:

It’s 100 degrees at noon on a business day. You’re stopped at a traffic light at one of the busiest intersections in an affluent suburb of Dallas. A guy’s slouching back and forth on the sidewalk. He’s wearing a sandwich board that says “Grand Opening Special – Sign Up Now”.

That’s. All. It. Says.

No company name, no phone number, absolutely nothing to tell you what he was pitching. Now, because I always notice health and wellness businesses (occupational hazard), I knew that he was hawking memberships at a new location of yet another well-known national health club chain, one that’s opening up lots of clubs in the Dallas area.

But most people wouldn’t have had even a tiny clue.

I really felt bad for him. I’m sure he felt like his brain was about to boil – all that suffering, and I bet they didn’t get a single new member!

All kidding aside, what terrible ways to introduce your business to customers! In the first case, anyone who has any expectation of quality will run for the hills…and the wasted time and effort in the second case just makes me cringe.

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