Try This: Fun Halloween Promotion

My department won the top Halloween costume prize at the company I worked for in the ’90s.

(My team dressed as cockroaches, a giant can of Raid and the Orkin pest guy.  We had a bit of a bug problem in our office. )

To this day, I still remember how much fun we had – and when I run into folks that were part of our silliness, we still laugh about it.

Good marketing is memorable – and Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to combine fun and business.

Here’s how Chipotle’s “Boo-rito” promotion does it:

In a nutshell, customers who:

  1. wear an appropriate costume – something related to family farms, since Chipotle is pushing its locally sourced ingredients message
  2. get a super-special deal – a cheap burrito
  3. and Chipotle donates the profits to a relevant charity – FarmAid and Chipotle’s pro-farming foundation

Your healthy lifestyles business could do something similar.

Clients or members:

  1. Dress like something related to say, fitness or nutrition or healthy living
  2. get a super-special deal – an extra month’s membership extension for only $10 or 50% off any combination of a sports drink and energy bar
  3. and you make a donation to a relevant charity.

And all you need to do is put together the flyer (or we can do it for you).

It’s fun, memorable, attention-getting – and the odds are good that everyone’ll be talking about the strange sights they saw when they get home that night!

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