New Holiday Marketing Tips For Health Clubs, Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers

Holiday marketing forces most health and wellness businesses to walk a fine line.

You need to market because you need the revenue – yet if your marketing is too pushy, too “me, me, me”, too materialistic…you can turn people off. ¬†And talking about health problems isn’t exactly the upbeat message that folks want to hear in December, either.

Plus, it’s hard to figure out what health and wellness service you can sell that your customers will actually buy to give other people.

Because, really, most folks aren’t going to give, say, a health club membership or a yoga class card out of the blue to someone who’s not already doing it.

As you can tell, we’ve got strong opinions about what works, what doesn’t and how to go about it!

Here’s Part 1 of our holiday marketing insights for health clubs, yoga studios, wellness centers, integrative medical clinics and more, based on real-life experiences advising thousands of health and wellness businesses.

(And we’ll publish Part 2 next week. )

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