Mobile Marketing – Important For Health and Wellness Businesses?

Before you jump on the “ads on iPhones” bandwagon, keep this in mind:

  • about 20% of cellphone users have grown up with cellphones – the “mobirati”
  • about 20% use it as a “social lubricant” – texting matters as much as phone calls (the “social connectors”)


  • about 20%  (“pragmatic adopters”) use it primarily for voice and are only now  beginning to text
  • about 20% are “mobile professionals” – they use smartphones for mainly business voice calls, texting and email
  • about 20% are “basic planners” who use cells only for emergencies and don’t use other features

Bottom-line: unless your target customer skews younger and falls in either the “mobirati” or “social lubricant” segment, mobile marketing shouldn’t be Plan A for your health and wellness business.

If it is a fit, here are quick low-cost ways to dip your toe in the water (includes health club, healthy lifestyle program, rehab clinic and wellness center examples):

Mobile Marketing: Can Your Wellness Clients Hear You Now?

and here:

Mobile and Text Message Marketing Resources

Let me know how it goes.

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