Rethinking The Business Of Wellness

The Law of (Magnetic) Attraction

Saw a really eye-catching and effective ad for a dog grooming company (yep, you read that right).

They’ve come up with a distinctive and eye-catching way to market themselves, as you’ll see below (and apologies for the blurry pix – it’s the best my PDA camera could manage!):




Now, why does this work so well?

1) The entire van is designed to be a mobile billboard for the business. The lettering is big and easy to read. They haven’t filled up every available inch with stuff that doesn’t matter.

Hey, if you need an airport shuttle for your dog, or doggie daycare, you know who you are, right? Your problem is FINDING someone who actually provides these services! So they prominently advertise their primary services – daycare, training, grooming, airport shuttle, boarding.

2) The sign in the window gets the attention of just about everyone who walks past – “Take A Magnet”. It prompts you to look more closely – “What magnets?!”.

3) And the magnets themselves – paw-shaped, of course – are fun to peel off the van.

It’s a complete and carefully-thought out marketing campaign.

It wouldn’t work if they just plastered plain rectangular B/W magnets all over a plain van, would it? And if they just stuck the magnets on there, without an invitation to take one, most folks would think they were painted on. Even if you realized they were magnets, most of us are too law-abiding to just grab one. So every element – the van, the sign, the magnets – has a role to play.

Very effective, and a great source of creative inspiration for just about any individual heatlh and wellness professional looking to find more clients.

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