Try This: Kashi’s Ingredient Decoder, Competitive Checklist Disguised As Education

This clever and free downloadable tool would be a nice add to many healthful eating programs.

1) You could easily riff on this concept yourself.

Just create your own “quick reference tool” to help clients apply your preferred guidelines at restaurants and groceries.

2) More importantly, this tool is really a competitive comparison checklist disguised as educational reference. 

Kashi doesn’t bad-mouth competitors for using the “thumbs-down” ingredients on their list. The tool does it for them!

You could adapt that strategy to almost any wellness-related service.

For example, if your business offers healthy eating, weight management or weight loss programs, you could create a guide listing various attributes of weight loss programs without mentioning any by name.

Then, give each attribute a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in your guide, depending on whether you think it’s a good or bad idea. Again, don’t mention any diet program by name –  just list the attributes.

The message is subtle, yet clear –  “good” programs (like yours) have the thumbs-up attributes. “Bad” programs (the competition) have more of the thumbs-down attributes.

Sample attributes:

  • Use of a food scale
  • Exclusion of certain foods
  • Use of a feelings diary
  • Time-of-day restrictions on food consumption
  • Minimizing or maximizing a particular macronutrient

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