Try This: Reveal The Phone Number For Your Clinic, Yoga Studio, Health Club or Wellness Center

Look at this picture (click to zoom) and see if you can spot what’s missing.  Then compare your answer to ours.

What's missing in this picture?

Click to zoom

Here’s our answer:

This strip-mall chiropractic clinic doesn’t have any contact or hours information posted on their storefront.

  • No phone numbers.
  • No website.
  • No hours.
  • Nada.

It’s not posted inside, where you can see it if you press your nose against the glass, either.

No name painted on the door or the window at eye-level. (They do have a sign up high on the facade that you can’t see in this picture. But all it has is their name.)

They’re in a location with lots of walk-by traffic, so it just kills me that they’re making it so hard for new clients to even notice them, much less get in touch.

If you’re just walking past them on the sidewalk, you’d never know what they do.

If by chance this business caught your eye as you walked past, you’d actually have to walk out into the middle of the parking lot, get out paper and pen, and write the name down, so you could Google it later.

No wonder they never seem busy.

The Fix

Here’s what they should do:

Put a box with “take-one” cards at eye level next to the front door.

When we do these for clients, the printing cost for 2500 (!) cards is under $200 including shipping, plus $300 –  $500 bucks for design/content specifically tailored to your business and what actually makes your approach different. Use the same design and content over and over –  usually no need to do major updates –  so the investment in a custom design actually makes sense.

Inexpensive, great for walk-by traffic, and actually gives potential clients a tangible reminder that you exist.

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