Try This: “We’re Like…”

It’s great when you can describe your wellness services in a quick soundbite.

Yet it’s surprisingly hard to do.

Here’s a clever technique that you can borrow from the TurboTax people:

TurboTax marketing example

The Technique

Compare your business to something familiar that everyone recognizes and can relate to.

Here’s a simple example and I KNOW you can improve on it for your particular business:

“We’re like your….”

“…healthy living kindergarten for adults. We keep it simple, easy and fun.”

Here’s how I use this method to describe Radial:

“We’re like….”

“…the marketing department everyone needs and no one has.”

Try It Yourself

This is a great brainstorming project for your team. Here are some ideas to get you going:

“We’re like…”

- a familiar profession – teacher, cop, etc.

- a familiar role –  best friend, cheering section

- a familiar product – Swiss army knife, a jigsaw puzzle

- a familiar brand – iPhone, BMW or Mercedes, McDonald’s, the Dallas Mavericks

- a familiar activity – a party, a class, housekeeping

Then, connect it to your actual services. In the TurboTax example, they explain that they’re like a GPS because they give you “step by step instructions.”

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