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Woodway Curve: Marketing When You Can’t Think Of Anything Valuable To Say

This is a joke, right?

“There is no motor, there are no buttons, it is entirely manual, you could say it runs on sweat and determination.”

Woodway Curve treadmillOoh! They’ve invented the manual treadmill!

I’ve seen those at garage sales, and Walmart. Oh, and hotel “fitness centers.”

Actually, I can do THIS without a treadmill. It’s called “running” and you do it on sidewalks.

“Attain full sprint in a few explosive steps.”

Hey, I do this too! I call it “interval training” and I do it on a football field near my house.

But seriously…

I love Woodway’s conventional treadmills. They are truly a step above everything else on the market. And I can imagine that the Curve might offer something new and worthwhile. But I’ll never know what it is from their advertising and product marketing materials.

They want to pitch it for sports performance conditioning, but none of the marketing content actually backs that claim up with evidence.

The content’s all about the low cost of ownership (um, yes, that would partially be because you don’t plug them in, so no engine to fail, etc.) accompanied with a lot of technical specs that do nothing to demonstrate superior conditioning results.

In fact, they don’t have any user testimonials at all – just a handful of videos from a single fitness business that I bet got free, discounted or loaner equipment in exchange for their participation. (Which, by the way, should be disclosed per FTC regulations if that’s indeed what happened).

This doesn’t totally shock me because I first saw a Curve appear at my gym a couple of months ago, and I have never ever seen anyone use it.

Knowing Woodway, this is probably a great product. I just wish their marketing did it justice.

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