Fitness Super-Power Results

Two weeks ago, we asked you what kind of super-powers you would like Murph the Fitness Wizard to grant you.  The results are in!

Nearly 50% want Murph to grant them super-human endurance – and we had a tie for second place between super-human flexibility and super-human speed.  Not a single vote for super-human strength.

In the write-in category: one vote for equilibrium, and another for super-human motivation!

And great food for thought from some selected comments:

Melanie: It’s human nature to want most what we do not have.  As a duathlete, I have the mental and physical endurance of the Energizer bunny on no-doze.  What I dream of is the fast-twitch fiber of a 100-meter specialist and workouts that are done in 30 minutes.

Lindy: I have often said that I live my life in the emphatic.  I really love something, or I really hate something.  Living with undiagnosed narcolepsy for the past 16 years really influenced that because I was at my best when I was moving and when I sat down even for a moment, I crashed.  Most people saw me when I was super charged up and my family and friends experienced me at my worst, when I was struggling to stay awake.  All of the given choices at the expense of the others is too extreme.  I know – I live it.

Debbie: Super-human motivation to stick with an exercise program (because without it, none of the other powers will get used).

Michelle: I would wish for endurance because even if I wasn’t the fastest or the strongest, I could outlast everyone else.  “The victory is not always to the swift”, right?

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