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Fitness Tattoos: Stand Up And Be Counted

Here’s our list of popular fitness tattoos – what can you add?  Email us links and/or pix and we’ll post ‘em on the blog.

Loaded barbells
“26.2″ (for marathoners)
RPM and Bodycombat logos, by Les Mills instructors
Shotokan tigers (for black belts)
Celtic symbols for tranquility and well-being

Arrows on the arms, to remind Anusara students of proper rotation

Curves Fitness logo


Mighty Mouse with barbells

Tasmanian Devil on biceps

Olympic rings

daVinci’s Vitruvian Man

Circulatory system and musculature (yes, as a tattoo)

Kanji symbols for the Seven Virtues, etc.

Sanskrit for yoga students

I KNOW there’s more than this, so please pile on!

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  1. Ninabeth I.

    I’ve got a lotus flower tattoo on my arm that’s gorgeous. My yoga teacher has an ohm tat.

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